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Posted by on Feb 7, 2018 in Criminal Defense Law | 0 comments

Reasons Everyone Should Visit Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city, full of life and adventure. Walking around on a windy day will add some pep to your step, and there is so much to see, you’re guaranteed to have an exciting time. My favorite part about Chicago is the city’s art. Chicago is a paradise for art lovers, and if you’ve never been, you’re missing out.

Downtown has impressive architecture, different foods from all over the world, and actual art installations everywhere you go. The most famous is what some would call, “The Bean,” but it’s titled Cloud Gate by the artist, an Indian-born British artist by the name of Sir Anish Kapoor. The experience is truly inspirational. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a giant metal sculpture that is covered with a mirror-like surface. The unusual shape has many curves, and it makes for an impressive photograph. You can check it out by going to Park Grill, in between Chase Promenade and the McCormick Tribune Place & Ice Rink.

I love going to The Art Institute of Chicago because of their many great works of art on display. It costs money to get in, but it’s money well spent. They have a sculpture display by Rodin right now, and they feature many classical and modern art forms as well. It’s the perfect place to go on an early date and get to know someone, but be careful. You could easily spend all day in that place!

The best part about downtown Chicago is that everything is nearby. Everywhere you go, you see people from all walks of life actively participating in the human experience. Bankers, tourists, business owners, and vagabonds all share the same space, on the same street, in the same city. It’s fascinating to see all the different walks of life cross paths as their daily affairs call them from one place to the next.

If you get hungry walking around, you can just walk a few blocks and have several options for different cuisines. The cocktails are delicious, and there are plenty of places to enjoy a moment’s reprieve. Just be sure to take a cab if you are enjoying your drinks. According to this website, the penalties for drinking and driving are pretty steep. Of course, you can also catch an Uber, a Lyft, and lots of other rideshare programs.

Chicago is right on the coast of Lake Michigan, one of the largest lakes in North America. During the winter, the lake freezes over, and it creates quite a view. The winters get bitter though, and you’ll need proper snow attire if you’re going to be comfortable in the elements. They don’t call it the windy city for no reason.

Out of all the cities I’ve visited so far, Chicago is my favorite. It feels like a big city, but it isn’t as overwhelming as New York City. The people are friendlier as well. If I had the money, I would buy a loft in the middle of downtown and spend my days exploring all the things to do in Chicago.

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